Testarossa - 512 TR - F512 M
VIN: Vehicle Identification Number

Since 1980, all Ferraris (except F1 and specific race cars) are equiped with a VIN, a Vehicle Identification Number. This uniform 17-digit number was first introduced on US models, as it was required for all road registered cars in the US which were made after January 1st 1980. Other markets soon followed.

The VIN can be found in several places, but on all models (except the European version of the Enzo and some race versions) it can be seen from the outside: in most cases it's visible on a plate on top of the steering column or at the bottom of the windshield. Depending on the model and the market, the VIN can also be found stamped on a plate or in the chassis in the engine room, or on plates in the doors.

These pages explain each digit of the VIN. It was made with help from the late Gerald Roush (Ferrari Market Letter) and many other Ferrari-spotters. Certain information is from official documents, but not everything. So, please note that this information may contain errors and that it isn't complete. Corrections and additions will always be appreciated.