Testarossa - 512 TR - F512 M
Digit representing the "Engine"

First cycle: Engine introduction before approx. 1986

CodeModel(s)Engine TypeRemarks
A308 GTBi/Si, Mondial 8F106B040US version
B308 GTS, Dino 308 GT4F106A021Euro version, wet sump. Only used on a few late UK versions.
C308 GTBF106AEuro version, dry sump. Only used on a few late UK versions.
D512 BBF102BOnly used on a few late UK versions
F      unknown / not used
G308 GTB/SF106AUS version. Although listed in official documents, it was never used.
H308 GTBi/Si, Mondial 8F106BEuro version
J512 BBiF110A
K208 GTB/S TurboF106DItalian version
L308 GTB/S QV, Mondial QV (Cabr)F105AEuro version
M308 GTB/S QV, Mondial QV (Cabr)F105A040US version, 1983, 230 HP
N308 GTBi/Si, Mondial 8F106B040Australian version
P288 GTOF114B
R308 GTB/S QV, Mondial QV (Cabr)F105A024Australian version
STestarossaF113A040US version, Bosch KE Jetronic
TTestarossaF113AEuro version, Bosch K Jetronic
U308 GTB/S QV, Mondial QV (Cabr)F105E040US version, 1984-1985, 235 HP
V      unknown / not used
W328 GTB/S, Mondial 3.2 (Cabr)F105CEuro version
X328 GTB/S, Mondial 3.2 (Cabr)F105C040US version
Y412F101E010Euro version. For UK versions: F101E011
ZGTB/GTS TurboF106NItalian version

Second cycle: Engine introduction between approx. 1986 and 2001

CodeModel(s)Engine TypeRemarks
ATestarossaF113BEuro version, Bosch KE Jetronic
B408F117Prototype, only two cars made
C328 GTB/S, Mondial 3.2 (Cabr)F105C046Swiss/Swedish version, 1987-1989 with catalyst
D412F101E010/46Swiss/Swedish version
EPPG?Single prototype for 348 engine
F348 tb/s, Mondial t (Cabr)F119D040US version, 1989-1990, Motronic 2.5
GF40F120AEuro version
H      unknown / not used
J      unknown / not used
K348 tb/s, Mondial t (Cabr)F119D(L)/GEuro version (DL = without catalyst; D = with catalyst; G = 1991 or later)
L512 TRF113D040
MF40F120D040US version
N      unknown / not used
PF355 seriesF129B1994-1995, Motronic 2.7
R348 series, Mondial t (Cabr)F119G040US version, 1991-1995, Motronic 2.7
S456 GT(A)F116B1992-1996, Motronic 2.7
U348 GTB/S, 348 SpiderF119HEuro version
VF512 MF113G040
W456 (M) GT(A)F116C1997-2003, Motronic 5.2
XF355 seriesF129C1996-1999, Motronic 5.2
Y360 Modena, 360 SpiderF131B
Z550 Maranello, 550 BarchettaF133A

Third cycle: Engine introduction between approx. 2001 and 2015

CodeModel(s)Engine TypeRemarks
A612 ScagliettiF133F2004-2008
B575 M MaranelloF133E
CEnzo FerrariF140B
DChallenge StradaleF131F
EF430, F430 SpiderF136E
F599 GTB FioranoF140C
J612 ScagliettiF133H2007-2011
K430 Scuderia, Scuderia Spider 16MF136ED
LCaliforniaF136IBDCT (F1)
MCaliforniaF136IBManual gearbox, only used on a few cars
N458 Italia, 458 Spider, 458 ChallengeF136FB
P599 XXF140CF
R599 GTO, SA ApertaF140CE
TCalifornia 30F136IH"-30/+30"
V458 Speciale (A)F136FL
XCalifornia TF154BB
YGTC4Lusso TF154BDV8
ZLaFerrari, LaFerrari ApertaF140FE

Fourth cycle: Engine introduction after approx. 2015

CodeModel(s)Engine TypeRemarks
A488 GTB, 488 SpiderF154CB
BF12tdf, F60 AmericaF140FG
C812 Superfast, 812 GTSF140GA
E488 Challenge?
GJ50?Based on the 488 engine
H488 Pista, 488 Pista SpiderF154CD
J      unknown / not used
K      unknown / not used
LF8 Tributo, F8 SpiderF154CG
MMonza SP1, Monza SP2F140GC
NSF90 Stradale, SF90 SpiderF154FAElektro: F159AA on front axle and F178AA on rear axle
P      unknown / not used
RRoma, Portofino MF154BH
S296 GTB

Remark: the "markets" listed above, are only for a rough indication.